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Is your current IT provider not delivering to your expectations? Are you looking for new IT Services provider to grow with your business and provide the satisfaction you are looking for? TechGuards is READY to be the complete IT service provider for your Business. Call TechGuards at 469-225-4530 and get a FREE NO COMMITMENT Consultation. TechGuards will thorougly review your current technology infrastructure, process flow, and discuss your goals for your business. We will provide a detailed written summary and estimate that will include recommendations for improvement, changes, cost savings, and service level agreements to administer, maintain, and support your business. Our business grade solutions and services our focus involves security, availabilty, recovery, and low over head to keep your business running with proactive IT posture.. Team up with TechGuards and let us architect and service your IT demands today!
Save Money with TechGuards Small Business Managed IT Services.
Get a TechGuards IT Service Level Agreement for your Business.

Your business is just as important to TechGuards as it is you. Outages, interruptions, and issues will occur with technology no matter how much planning takes place because simply put...it is a very complex realm. TechGuards architects the best solutions and services to minimize the impact and loss of business revenue. Then there is on going maintenance, upgrades, support and all things the things that go along with keeping a healthy stable IT environment. TechGuards can handle any or all of this for you through our IT Service Level Agreements. TechGuards offers a variety of Service Level Agreements that come in many shapes and sizes that can be specifically tailored to your business. SLA's commonly come down to what you conveys to us combined with our recommendations and we will deliver a service level to completely satisfy your expectations. TechGuards SLA's can be built to fit your spectrum of requirements for upgrades, maintenance, support, response time, payment schedule, and more.

The Lifecycle of Services TechGuards Provides to Meet Your Business Expectations.
remote services
● Purchasing - Hardware/Software ● Licensing
● Installation - Implementation ● Configuration
● Upgrades ● Maintenance
● Migrations ● Data Coversion
Remote Assistance, Support, & Services:
TechGuards Remote Service is fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Remote Services is always an expectation pleaser with fast access to help someone in need. It has revolutionized IT service and support. TechGuards provides Remote Serivces to you in many fashions including an on demand mode requiring your permission and a trusted resident mode so we can get right to work on the situation. Security applies to all of TechGuards services and Remote Serivces is no different. It is always performed over a secure connection to keep your business data protected.
Mobile On Site Services:
TechGuards provides mobile on site services for your business. If it cannot be managed or resolved remotely or it is a situation that demands on site attention we will be there to help.



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