TechGuards Knows Residential Users: We deliver our business grade solutions, services, and support to our North Texas Area residential customers also! If you need on premise installation, configuration, upgrades and setup of wired or wireless networking equipment, printers, and/or computer systems we can take care of it! If you have software or operating systems problems in most cases we can remotely connect and promptly resolve your issue. It's not all about installation, configuration, and support at TechGuards. Upon request we can educate you in getting the most out of your computer system to benefit your lifestyle. We can even assist with social networks, personal blogs, and for solutions on the go with windows mobile and iphone!

If you are experiencing computer or networking problems at your home please contact us. Most computer problems or system maintenance can be resolved remotely without the need for an at home visit saving you time and money.

Contact TechGuards for mobile computer service at your home. View our service coverage area.
TechGuards Residential & Personal Computer Solutions
In the home today you can find more technology than ever before. As time goes on you get better, faster, and more intelligent hi-tech toys to make life 'easier'. The speed in which the technology solutions are brought to market far surpasses the average users ability to 'keep up'. New software and bleeding-edge technolgy also brings vulnerabilities and security risks in exposing your private data. TechGuards provides the leading solutions to keep your internet connection, wireless network, and operating system secure and protected from the threats you are often unaware of. In addition to the protection of yoru data TechGuards has an array of solutions available to home users including online data back up, photo archiving, parental child monitoring, and more. Click here to learn about our Home and Personal Computer Solutions.
TechGuards Residential & Personal Computer Services
Home and personal computers systems are critical components of your life. A problem with your system can be detrimental on a multitude of levels and often more so than typically thought of. This is why TechGuards extends the same business services level to home and personal computer users. We provide mobile at home service or remote assistance on demand. In some cases you can even save by bringing it to us to diagnose, resolves issues, or to perform fresh operating system installations, upgrades, and softwware installations. TechGuards will match or beat our competitors prices and deliver outstanding professional services to your satisfaction. Click here to learn out more about our Home and Personal computer and networking services.
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