At TechGuards prior to any service arrangements we want to start things off with getting to know you and with you getting to know us. This will provide substantial benefit in understanding your business, setting expectations, and providing deliverables that will reward our business relationship. The Technology realm is perpetually evolving and our interaction and relationship with you drives the success of your business. Your success equals our success. We completely understand this and have the mind set of not only do we service your internal business needs but in the relationship together we serve your customers needs for business prosperity.

TechGuards delivers everything you would expect from a 'traditional' Information Technology firm to the North Texas Small Business Sector. However you will quickly discover in our business relationps the true differentiators of working with TechGuards over the other 'traditional' local Technology firms. TechGuards moves along with the technology versus the 'traditional' firms and with this methodology and practice you can find substantial benefit with moving your business right along with it. We do not want to sell you a physical business server to occupy space in your office and bill you for future hardware and software upgrades and maintenance. We don't even want to sell you the email or applications software to go with it. This is what we call "traditional IT" and we are very much beyond those days. It some cases the 'traditional' form of technology is required. This is understandable in certain cases and we can certainly provide those services. However the TechGuards approach prevails "traditional IT" and delivers your small business technology needs over the wire as a service or what is called "Software as a Service" (SaaS). We like to call this the TechGuards "Managed Services". There are many benefits with TechGuards Managed Services. You can read about them here, call us at 469-225-4532 to talk about it, or we will gladly provide a face to face meeting so we can show you how this new affordable approach can help your business.

TechGuards Managed Services:
Complete management and administration of your application through SaaS (Software as a Service).
TechGuards Traditional IT Services
Installation, Upgrades, Support, Maintenance, & More!
TechGuards Web Services:
Hosting, Design, Developement, Web Apps, Marketing, Statistics, and More!
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