TechGuards SystemGuard Managed Services

Everything you need for Windows System Protection including updates and support* with an affordable flat monthly rate or annual subscription fee.

Learn all about SystemGuard Managed Services. Click here to view a comparison of SystemGuard versus a Traditional Antivirus, Malware, Spyware, Firewall Package.

system guard gold service level

♦ Real-time Antivirus Protection.
♦ Real-time email scanning.
♦ On-demand Virus Scans.
♦ Scheduled scans that begin only when the system is idle. (Minimal CPU and memory usage.)
♦ Heuristics scanning detects suspicious file behavior caused by possible virus infection.
♦ Virus definition patterns automatically updated twice daily and on-demand.

♦ Real-time protection from risky software.
♦ “Trusted Items” that will not be scanned or blocked.

♦ Customized VirusGuard settings.


♦ Real-time Spyware Protection.
♦ Real-time interception of new services and startup applications.
♦ Scheduled scans that begin only when the system is idle.
♦ Spyware lists updated weekly.
♦ Critical severity spyware remediated daily.

♦ High/Medium/Low severity spyware remediated weekly.

♦ Customized SpyGuard settings.


♦ Real-time Malware Protection.
♦ Real-time Rootkit blocking, detection, and removal.
♦ Scheduled scans that begin only when the system is idle.
♦ Malware lists updated daily.
♦ Blocks keylogging/monitoring, spyware/adware, & web page hijacker applications.

♦ Blocks adult, dialer, & potentially malicious applications.

♦ Optionally blocks file sharing, gaming, media player, screen saver & other applications.
♦ Customized MalGuard settings.


♦ Daily scans for all known Operating System vulnerabilities.
♦ Daily scans for application vulnerabilities, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, AOL Instant Messenger, Firefox, Flash Player, Google Desktop, MSN Messenger, Java Runtime Environment, Quicktime, Realplayer, Trillian, Winamp, Winzip, & Yahoo! Messenger.
♦ Scheduled scans that begin only when the system is idle.
♦ Weekly patch installation for Critical severity OS and Application vulnerabilities.

♦ Weekly patch installation for High/Medium/Low severity.

♦ OS and Application vulnerabilities.

♦ Customized PatchGuard settings.


♦ Windows Firewall Configuration Management.
♦ Weekly scans for common security threats.

♦ Customized ThreatGuard settings


♦ Power Management configuration based on ENERGYSTAR specifications.

♦ Customized EcoGuard settings.

systems sentry
♦ On-demand Hardware & Software Inventory Reports.
♦ Customized Device Access Control – restricts the hardware devices/peripherals (e.g. USB Drives, Modems, Wireless Network Access, etc.) allowed on managed systems.

♦ Email Support.
♦ Remote Control.

♦ Phone Support.
♦ Onsite Support.

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