Compare our SystemGuard Managed Protection Service vs. Traditional Software Solutions.
Traditional Antivirus, Malware, and Spyware
SystemGuard Managed Services

Varies on vendor. You will have to invest time to research the specific differences and details.

A software license is $60-$80 Per Year

2nd Year license $60-80
3rd Year License $60-80
3 Year License Total $180-$240
(Gold Service Level)

Month to Month $14.95

1 Year Subscription $160
2 Year Subscription $290
3 Year Subscription $375

What is the Difference between a License and a Subscription?
When you purchase a 'software license' this means you can legally install this software for use on your computer system. Everything else that pertains to this software such as configuration, usage, troubleshooting, is your responsibility. This occurs through your valuable time and vendor support agent, or paying for a computer professional to install, support, and manage the software.
TechGuards Managed Services has you covered. It is an all-inclusive package manged by technical professionals. The most effort or thought required on your part (if we have not already discovered a problem before you) is a phone call, email, or a helpdesk ticket submission.

Key Technologies:
Antivirus Protection

Malware Protection

Spyware Protection
Protects from viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, & adaware, malware sites, phishing sites, scans email, firewall management. Package features and details vary by vendor.
Antivirus Protection

Malware Protection

Spyware Protection

Protects from viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, & adaware, malware sites, phishing sites, scans email, firewall management, operating system vulnerabilities, popular 3rd party software vulnerabitlies, power management, hardware & software inventory, secure remote support agent. View more SystemGuard Package Details


Installation Method:
Download Software - Install on your own - call support for help (see support section below).
Download Software - install on your own or call us to assist with your installation.

License Activation:
Must activate your license or product with vendor
Your purchase is regsitered with your software.

Base Line Remediation:
TechGuards Includes a basline remediation by our experienced staff. This is to verify your system is in a healthy state to get you started off on the right foot.


Scans are realtime and automatic. The schedule is defined by you. Configuration and usage is based on your own time and knowledge of the product.

Scans are realtime and automatic. The schedule and configuration is managed by the expert at TechGuards. You will not be left on your own to figure it out. We take care of all of it for you.

Infection Remediation:
If the application does not remediate the problem and your system becomes infected you will have to take care of it on your own. Common hourly rates from local computer businesses on a per incident basis to remove viruses, spyware, malware, etc are anywhere from $60 an hour to $169.00 flat rate.
With TechGuards you are covered in the event of amy computer system infections. We will remediate it remotely or onsite*


Phone, Email, Chat, Kbase - Wait in long call queues, canned reponses from agents, support agents may reside in another country.

Phone, Email, Chat, Online Help Desk - Miniminal to non-existent queue times, friendly experienced support in the usa, integrated remote agent for fast remote suport access, fast on-site support* only if required.

You have paid for the software. It is installed on my computer system. Now what do I do with it? You are on your own.
SystemGuard from TechGuards has your computer system covered based on your subscription level. Minimal time and effort involved on your part. It gets 'taken care of'.
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